για Ελληνικά πήγαινε εδώ
Burda 07/2016 is one of my favorite issues  as it has some interesting unusual  designs. One of them is pattern nr. 105 a woman’s cut out dress pattern. The design attaches the neckline piece at the side and sleeve and the shaped band gives definition to the illusion of a cutout.
I love this cut out detail and as at the moment I need more tops in my wardrobe I made it into a blouse instead, to do that I just lengthened the top part of the dress by 15 cm , 7 of which are the hem.

I read a few reviews of the pattern and what all these reviews had in common was that there was a confusion on how to attach the band on the left side of the dress. I’m not good at understanding Burda’s instructions but as they usually have some really good patterns I just can’t be stopped by minimalistic instructions, I totally ignored them and started making the top following my own way and figuring out the difficult part as I was progressing with the construction.

I am a size 44 which is the biggest size of this pattern, the recommended fabric is a 4 way stretch or lengthwise stretch fabric, the fabric I wanted to use though had no stretch at all but after measuring the pattern pieces I found the ease to be enough so i went for it without making a muslin.
This is a gorgeous vintage fabric that a friend of mine was kind enough to give it to me, it was one of my favourite pieces in my stash and I can’t describe how much I like this color.
To begin with, the pattern is drafted so that the back left shoulder is shorter than the front left so that the band can be somehow attached to that, this is the most confusing part of this pattern so I totally ignored this point and made the left shoulder the same length front and back as you would in a normal blouse,

To make the cut out effect more visible I made the neckline 2.5 cm deeper, I’m not sure about this change, maybe it would have been better as it was but it’s not too bad so I’m ok with that.

My favorite detail of this top is the pleated band , it’s a 1cm pleated band that I attached on the left part of the top just by sewing it 3 cm along the neckline.

I think this is a great pattern, what I like the most is that the sleeve has the perfect width for me, I always have to make the sleeve wider especially in the indie designer patterns but this one needed no modifications at all so I’m very happy with that.


All in all I love this entire outfit,I’m wearing the blouse here with the Galleria Culottes a Secondopiano pattern, both of them are special to me and I look forward to wearing them.

Take care,
p.s. The pattern features vertical darts in front and back but I did not close those to give a less fitted look!

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