Same Fabric – Two Makers!

Hi guys,

Almost a year ago I met one of my online sewing friends in person, it was Maria from Norway whom I know from Up to that point we didn’t contact much but we had a common friend that organized the meeting and to me it is always a joy to meet sewing people, she is a very kind person and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her. I wanted to give her a gift and as I had in my stash a fabric that I though she might like I decided to give her half of it so that at some point we would have a garment out of the same fabric.

The reason I’m writing you all these is that a few months ago we decided it would be fun to make the same pattern with this fabric and that pattern is model 118 from Burda 06/2016 which is the theme of today’s post !

The pattern features a Peter Pan collar and covered placket, for some reason nothing went right with this pattern, my first and most serious issue was the collar, somehow it looked weird and had the tendency to roll, the other issue was the sleeves, I didn’t like how they sit on me and as I had used french seams and the fabric is lightweight I didn’t want to unpick them to avoid any serious damage on the fabric. It looked a disaster at the moment and I decided to just leave it aside and deal with it later with a clearer mind.

Days later I came back to this shirt,unpicked the collar hopping that at least I could fix that. The pattern calls for a bias binding finish on the collar,I had used a cotton bias and that probably was too heavy for this fabric, this time I used a lightweight rayon binding and in improved a lot the fit. I also noticed that the collar stays away from my neck while on the model and on Maria the collar sits close to the neck, maybe I used a smaller size? maybe I have broad shoulders which I really don’t know if that’s the case or not but somehow I made a mistake there and ruined that neckline, would love to hear your advise if you know what went wrong with this collar!

2017-09-24 11.22.04


2017-09-24 11.22.31

2017-09-24 11.22.54

The outcome is a mediocre shirt which reminds my early makes, maybe it’s not very obvious in the pictures but in real all the mistake are visible. If you wonder how this patter should look if made correctly here is a picture of Maria’s version including also the covered placket which I did not make. You can read more about her experience with this pattern and see the beautiful pictures she took in Italy  here.



Maria, despite all the drama I had it was fun making this along with you and beeing able to have your opinion as well as share our progress, would love to do this again in the future!

Take care,



7 thoughts on “Same Fabric – Two Makers!

  1. Λοιπόν Αϊντα, εγώ το πουκάμισο το βλέπω πολύ όμορφο και το ύφασμα είναι σούπερ!! Τί ωραία ιδέα να φτιάξετε το ίδιο πατρόν και να μας παρουσιάσετε τ’ αποτελέσματα! Όσο για συμβουλές, δεν έχω να σου δώσω καμία, μόνο ένα πουκάμισο σε αντρική γραμμή έχω φτιάξει κι εδώ και 2 χρόνια κρέμεται στον καλόγερο αφού δεν του έχω ράψει ακόμη τα 2 κουμπιά στις μανσέτες!!!!


    • Στην αρχή νόμιζα πως είναι λάθος το πατρόν αλλά η Μαρία δεν είχε το ίδιο πρόβλημα, θα πρέπει να μάθω πατρόν να κατανοώ καλύτερα τα προβλήματα αυτά. Εσυ να τα βάλεις τα κουμπάκια και να φορέσεις το πουκάμισο να το χαρείς. Φιλάκια πολλα!


  2. I had loads of fun with this too! And would absolutely repeat the experience!
    And although you’re not happy with yours, I still think it looks really good and that you see the mistakes simply because you know they’re there 😉

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