Hello and welcome to my blog,

I am Aida and this blog is my attempt to document my journey in the world of sewing and interact with other people sharing the same passion for it.

It all started in May 2013 when my mother asked me if I could find any information in the internet on how to sew a circle skirt for my niece, as a result not only did I find the information needed but discovered a whole new world. I had never imagined that there were so many people out there sewing their own clothes, sharing their experience and knowledge to fellow sewers. Not to mention the existence of sewing patterns plus the fact that they have step by step directions. In the beginning I just wanted my mother to sew for me (yes, I’m that lazy) and she actually did it for a few months but to my disappointment soon she got bored and decided to quit. The good thing was that I was already bitten by the bug of sewing till then and since I had no one else to oblige to do that for me, my only solution was to sit in front of that sewing machine, lower the presser foot and start to do some sewing. Ever since have not stopped creating and being proud of my makes, learning new technics and broaden my knowledge on sewing.

Well, this is the story of how I got into this. I would love to hear your story or what you have to say about what you see here so feel free to comment or contact me at idaaidasewingatgmaildotcom.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you like what you see here.



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